About the collections

Cyber Punk Animals

The Cyber Punk Animals is a collection of 69 unique NFTs                Unique digital collectibles living on the Avalanche blockchain.
Cpa nft holders receive access to exclusive new collections, drops, experiences, and more. The objective is to build a strong community and project around nfts.  

Evil Dreams

The Evil Dreams is a collection of 49 unique NFTs                                Unique digital collectibles living on the Avalanche blockchain.
Evil dreams is an Halloween special collection, with this collection AI PFP is bringing you the finest horror PFP according to Halloween culture.

Football World Cup

The Football World Cup is a collection of 32 unique NFTs.                Unique digital collectibles living on the Avalanche blockchain. Football World Cup collection was made to create a prediction game on our discord where all hodlers of balls were able to predict the game winner in order to win an Aristocrat Animals NFT. This experience wnet weel we are looking forward to recreate this kind of event in the futur.                       

Omnimon Party

The Omnimons Party is 600 uniques NFTs of cute creatures.      Half of them are on Avalanche and the other half on Polygon blockchains. This was our first collection coming out of Polygon, but surely not the last.                                      

Aristocrat Animals

Aristocrat Animals is a collection with various animals in their best suits from the 1900’s.                                                                  Most of the NFTs of this collection were win by players on our discord on the Football World Cup prediction game.              Supply of 85 unique items.                               

Christmas Snowballs

Ai PFP is bringing you a Christmas special collection, 84 Christmas Snowballs, with 15 rares gifs. Let’s collect your Christmas special Snowball                    

Beat & Beast

The NFT Beat & Beast collection consists of 30 unique NFTs including profile portraits (PFP) and audio files. The collection comprises 10 original rap instrumentals composed by beat maker Telmo, each divided into three distinct parts.

When a holder possesses all three parts of the same instrumental, they receive the complete instrumental and may request a personalized rap performance on their music, subject to conditions.

The rapper who performs on your instrumental will use your instructions to create a unique and personalized song for you.

Sold Out



We have created a bull for the B4d Bulls collection of our friends at Cryptocademia


When is the official launch?

The official collection launch date is to be announced. Further updates will be revealed on our official Discord and Twitter.

How can I buy a NFT

You will be able to buy on our website when we launch. Join our discord to have more information about our launch date.

How can I join the whitelist?

CPA hodlers are automatically whitelisted and you can compete for a Whitelist spot on our Discord and twitter in the form of giveway

What is the mint price?

The mint price is to be announced. Join our Discord for the further updates.

Still have any questions?

Go ahead to our Discord and feel free to ask anything.